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Bild   •   Okt 02, 2018 13:59 CEST

Swimming enclosures made up from thick rope meshes are pretty common in NSW (Australia), they get colonized by many forms of marine life seahorses in particular, for this reason among divers we call them "seahorses-hotels". I intentionally dive at dawn or dusk near these nets to catch seahorses in the best light. This picture was taken at the base of the net (~3m of water) right before the sunset, the seahorse was standing right against the sun, I placed my camera (D800+Tokina 10/17 in Sea&Sea Housing, equipped with 2 Sea&Sea YS250pro substrobes fitted with special domed diffusers by BubbleScuba) right in front of it and snapped 2-3 frames before that the surge moved the net too close, the seahorse became aware of me and turned away. Yellow coloration for this seahorses are not that uncommon although the most diffused color is white and they live usually on white sponges.
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