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Bild   •   Okt 02, 2018 13:59 CEST

It was during summer, on that day the temperature was around 40 degree Celsius. We were moving towards zone 2 at Jhalana National Park, looking for Hyenas and then we saw him near its den. We were so closed, sitting quietly, watching him. As we know they emerge at night and during day time they go into their den hiding by sunrise. But I feel lucky that we encounter this adult male Hyena right close to the car. I wanted a ground level shot, for which I had to lean down by the car with a support from my co-passenger. It was a risky job to do but I was happy to get the shot while yawning which made the scene more mesmerizing. And It was such a great feeling to see such animal in their natural habitat up so close.
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